About Lumatap

Lumatap is an indie game development company formed in 2013 by David Wright.

We are a husband and wife team who each had different careers but started collaborating on games in 2018. We both began with art degrees but David ended up as a software developer in the gaming industry and Sung found herself as a CPA in the construction trade.

animal match for commodore 64
Animal Match for the C64, Circa 1987

About David:

Since I was in high school, I've been writing computer programs. I grew up in the 80's heyday of arcade video gaming and was intrigued (or obsessed) with creating my own games. After absorbing BASIC in school, I wrote several "extracurricular" games to the point that I was forced by my instructor to delete them as they were filling up the class's allotted disk space (actually, I was allowed to back them up ... to paper tape!).

I eventually bought a TI-99/4a and was filling up cassette tapes with game programs. I graduated to a Commodore64, then Amiga 500 and Amiga 3000. After publishing several games in different magazines, I got a job developing gambling games for a small start-up and settled into a career. Fifteen years later, I quit that job and became a contract developer. My recent work includes user interface design, art and coding for Gibson Guitar Corp. for their Firebird X series guitars.

Check out Sung's craft page facebook@SoIMake"

About Sung:

Back in high school, my main interest was philosophy, but I was encouraged by my mother to take some art lessons. I took her advice and ended up double majoring in philosophy and art studio. My interest in art, however, tended to hop about. For a short time I enjoyed designing and making costumes for my classmates at the dance studio I was attending. I then moved on to jewelry making and silver smithing. David then talked me into programming, so I did that for a while as well.

When I decided I needed to learn more about running a business, I was steered toward studying accounting at the local community college. I found myself enjoying the classes so much that I went ahead and got my CPA license. I needed job experience so I took a job at a construction company which I still work for part-time. It has always been our intent, however, to start our own business following our interests. It's not always obvious what that is though. At least, I have found it to be elusive. For sometime now I have been making things on a whim that range from jewelry, sewing, knitting to sculpting. What we really wanted was to find projects that we can work on together.