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Video Games Privacy Policy: Sarah in the Sky & Sloth Quest

If you play one of our games ("the game"):

then this policy applies to you.

The game is built using the Unity 3d Engine and utilizes the Unity Analytics service. When you play the game, certain information may be collected and sent to Unity servers. The information identifies your computer's hardware and software insomuch as is required to record unique data about the game experience. Please visit Unity's privacy policy page to see exactly what information is collected and how it is used.

Lumatap developers ("we") are afforded an abbreviated view of the collected information. The information tracks things like, but not limited to, the number of game installs, duration of play, and other game related events. We use the collected data to verify sales, monitor new installations, track usage geographically, and evaluate the player engagement within the game (such as duration of play sessions and player progress in the game) in an effort to provide an enjoyable game experience for our players and to carry on the success of the game in general.

We do not collect, store, or view any information that would identify a specific player (personally identifiable information).

The game Sarah in the Sky is not directed at children younger than age 13.

The game Sloth Quest is not directed at children younger than age 13.