Sarah in the Skytm

Sarah in the Sky is a slow-paced casual game with simple mazes and some items for collection. It's a laid back excursion into the serene and dreamlike environment where you are Sarah, a little girl in search of all the pages to her book. She must collect all the pages on each level to advance to the next. There are optional items to collect, including outfits. If Sarah is lost and needs a little help, she can gather a few crystals strewn about the level to activate the compass. It will point her to the next objective. There are no monsters or brain teasing puzzles in this game.

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Our Story

Sarah in the Sky came about as an experiment to see if we could produce a complete game ready to publish in two weeks. We knew it would be a challenge from the start but we still grossly under estimated the endeavor. Partly this was due to the fact that we did not want to produce junk just to meet the deadline. We also wanted to create most of the assets ourselves. It took us just under 5 weeks to complete 99% of our objectives. We were so engrossed in our work that by the time we lifted our heads up and looked into publishing under Steam, we found a 30 day waiting period imposed on us. So, we spent another week to re-evaluate the game and add a few finishing touches. We also decided to release the game under as well.