Sloth Questtm

Achieve the universal dream of becoming a sloth. Control the true king of the jungle as you navigate treacherous vines, battle predators, scale trees and travel to the great beyond. Just don't let go!

Game Status

Sloth Quest small logo Sloth Quest is currently under development. It's a bigger and better update on the original game that was never actually published. Read the blog for more details on the game's past. Visit the Steam store to wishlist the game.

The Game

Sloth Quest was originally inspired by challenging games like GIRP and Sexy Hiking: games that use unusual control schemes and raw physics to move a character through the world. Sloth Quest does both of these, and while it could be described as difficult, the gameplay is not focused on difficulty.

Sloth Quest is more than a single event challenge of weird motion control. Instead, it takes a twist on the typical platformer by allowing you to climb like a sloth. We give you a sloth that can raise his arms, grab vines, and swing his legs and challenge you to navigate through many levels of wild encounters and unusual obstacles.

Sloths cannot move fast. You will not be running and jumping. Getting around as a sloth will require precise timing and methodical patience. Avoiding hazards and predators is key to completing your quest.

Sloth Quest will release on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux and supports keyboard and game controller on those platforms. A mobile version will release on Google Play for Android and on the App Store for iOS devices.

sloth on vine sloth and snake sloth and crocodile sloth and hunter